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What is Dixper?

Dixper is an innovative interactive platform that takes your stream to the next level. With real-time interactions, viewers can boost your monetization while empowering your community to get involved in the gameplay. You can turn donations into a fun and entertaining experience, creating a unique stream for your viewers.
And the best part is that Dixper is completely free for streamers to use, with earnings ranging from 70% to 90% based on your level on the platform. You can use Dixper with any game on PC and Windows 10, and it’s compatible with OBS, Streamlabs, and Xsplit.

Dixper's Products.

Dixper Skills is an exciting interactive platform that connects content creators with their communities through real-time interactions. As a streamer, you can sell Skills to your viewers, allowing them to impact your gameplay in a fun and engaging way.
These Skills include various effects like mouse enlargement, screen inversion, microphone filters, and more. With Dixper Skills, your viewers can purchase crates to randomly receive Skills and interact with your streams. There are three types of Skills: Basic, Limited Edition, and Contracts, giving you flexibility in creating unique experiences for your viewers.
With Dixper, you can create your own collection of Skills, making it a customizable experience for you and your viewers. Empower your community and maximize your monetization through live engagement with Dixper Skills!

With Dixper Vision, you can let your viewers change your stream camera with filters and effects, adding a whole new level of interactivity to your stream. Use it as a standalone product or in combination with Dixper Skills for an even more immersive experience.
Dixper Vision is completely free to use, with no hidden fees for any of the filters and effects available. Use it with Discord, Zoom, Google Meet or any streaming or video conferencing software and let yourself shine!

Dixper Challenges is an upcoming product designed for competitive streamers who want to engage with their audience in a new and exciting way. With Challenges, viewers can set up bounties and challenge streamers in popular games like Valorant and League of Legends. Streamers can earn income from these challenges while engaging with their audience.
Dixper Challenges is free for streamers to use, and more games will be added in the future. With Dixper, you can monetize your content while having fun with your community.

We are delighted to have Dixper as our new partner.

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