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What is Soundivine?

Soundivine was born from the desire to combine two passions dear to Mr and Mrs Benoit: music and wine.

Living in the south-east of France and knowing a good number of wine producers in the region, they borrowed a wooden case in the “Magnum” format with the idea of making it a nomadic Bluetooth speaker.

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After several years of research and testing, the Magnum offers an outstanding sound quality. Developed with an independent acoustic research department, it is designed and customized in France. It combines design, practicality and robustness. A blend of the best acoustic and design varietals for a unique sensory experience.

LIMITED EDITION: Soundivine x Sessùn

Soundivine speaker, exclusive to Sessùn.
Developed with an independent acoustic design office, the speaker is designed and customised in France. Solid, aesthetic, durable, this portable object decorated with Sessùn engravings is versatile and very easy to use.

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The Soundivine LE MAGNUM audio speaker can be personalized and made unique! You can add your own touch by engraving your desired design on the front of the speaker. This is a great way to delight and impress customers, teams, and suppliers with a personalized and special gift.


Introducing a personalization option for individual customers! Now you can add a special touch to your speaker by engraving your own unique design or heartfelt message on the wooden front panel. It’s the perfect way to make your speaker truly one-of-a-kind and an ideal gift for any occasion, whether it’s a present, anniversary, or birthday celebration. Let your creativity shine and make memories that resonate through personalized sound.


Hundreds of hours of playlists streaming available via a QR code on the back of the speaker that will lead you to the Spotify platform, including different music styles that enrich the customer experience.

Savor the Blend of Music and Wine with Soundivine Speakers.

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