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Despite being the world’s third largest economy, Japan ranks 30th in terms of ease of doing business, 57th in trading across borders, and 106th in starting a business.

Having local assistance on board is critical for foreign companies to succeed. That’s where we come in.

Understanding the Japanese market, transcreating our clients’ project identities, and generating strong local brand recognition are our specialities.

A cultural bridge
between Japan
and the world

With over 35 years combined experience, we are dedicated to connecting Japan to the western companies.

With communication at our core, our support team is fluent in a number of languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese. 


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What we do.

Providing a cultural bridge between Japan and the world

Content Production

For the Japanese market, we provide high-quality content creation services. Blog posts, graphic design, streams and 4K video are all part of our tailored content initiatives. You'll have the engagements and views you need to effectively market your business with skilled native Japanese writers, a video production team, designers, and cutting-edge technology.


Japan is the third largest e-commerce market in the world. But, it's also the most difficult country to sell in due to the high barrier to entry and strict regulation.

Our comprehensive Go-To-Market e-commerce management system covers everything from certification to online marketing to inventory management and distribution across all major Japanese online retail platforms.

Public Relations

Our PR services in Japan provide foreign companies with the necessary tools and strategies to effectively communicate with Japanese audiences and enhance their brand image in the country.

Our press releases are distributed to major television networks, news outlets, and specialized media partners. We have established relationships with key media outlets in Japan, and our press releases are guaranteed to be seen by a wide range of audiences. Additionally, our press releases are published on over 40 partner sites.

Localization and Transcreation

With our full localization and transcreation services, your content is localized by a professional team of native Japanese translators.

We address cultural and non-textual components of your content and re-engineer your brand value proposition to engage the Japanese consumer on an emotional level.

Social Media

Japan is the second largest social media market in the world. However, it has the least amount of content creators and influencers. As a result, brands are struggling to find ways to reach their target audience and build a loyal following. That's where we come in. Our social media management solution, which is based on tens of thousands of followers across our IPs, millions in our advertising pools, and a dozen sites, provides you with the best chance of success in this niche locale.


We offer representation services for our clients in Japan. We utilize our extensive network of over 410,000 local firms to generate leads for our clients.

Our experienced sales professionals work on behalf of our clients to identify and connect with potential business partners and customers in the Japanese market. By entrusting us with their representation, our clients are able to access valuable connections and opportunities that they may not have been able to find on their own.

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Nans Girardin


Mizuho Kanatani

Graphic Designer (SR)

Satoshi Kuramoto

Content (JR)

Francesca Paolucci


Anastasiia Iakovleva

Influencer Marketing

Ayumi Okada

Graphic Designer (JR)

Asuka Komori

Content (SR)

Yui Takahashi

Social Media (SR)

Haruki Watanabe

Content (JR)

John Hopp


Javier Carrillo Torres

Social Media (JR)

Naomi Jackson

Content (JR)

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We have the local knowledge to help you through every element of doing business in Japan.
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